Is it normal for a 7900GS to run above 110C?

Hey there
my 7900GS card reports temps of 75-76C when idling, and after just a couple minutes of heavy load it goes above 110. I don't know the max temperature it'll reach (I don't dare keep it running longer).
Is it dangerous to run at such temperatures? If so, can I underclock it to something more sensible (if that's the case please tell me how to, I'm clueless) or am I gonna have to buy more fans?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    80-90º is average
    115º is threshhold
    127º burnout

    Remove the dust from the fan. Reapply thermal paste.
    Regulate the fan with Rivatuner.

    or EVGA Precision Tool if card is EVGA.
  2. Okay, so as long as it doesn't reach 120-125C it should be fine?
    I already cleaned the fan and changed the paste, which did little.
    What should I set the fan speed to? Now Rivatuner says: "Fixed (25% duty cycle)"
  3. Set the fan to 100% all the time.
    Make sure it starts this way on boot up.
  4. Perhps the fan motor is on its way out, check the RPMs when you set it to 100%, if it's low that could be the problem.
    I would expect at least 2000RPM at full speed.
  5. You also may want to look into a fan like one of these to put under your video card.
    In my case the temps came down about 15c.
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