PC sometimes restarts almost as soon as I press "ON"


As per the title really.. I have a homebuilt PC, with a Gigabyte EP-43-DS3L motherboard, and an E7400. I have noticed lately that sometimes, the computer will turn off within 0.5s of turning it on. It will then wait for another half second, and then proceed to boot normally. This happens so fast the bios screen dosent even appear. Once on, everything works perfectly.

In all fairness, I suspect this began after I overclocked the computer. This never happend at stock settings. FSB is now 333MHz (up from 266MHz), Multipler is now 10x (down from 10.5x), and FSB strap is 2.4B (was 3.0A), Fcpu is now 3.33GHz (up from 2.8GHz).

Any suggestions as to what I can do to rectify this? (Other than the obvious option of putting everything back how it was!)

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  1. could be an issue with the PSU. anyway you already gave yourself the first clue on what you should try. put the CPU back to stock speed's.
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