How do you creat a bootable CD to flash BIOS?


I am pretty new and don't want to mess anything up with my computer when doing this so any help would be helpful. I have a Foxconn A7GM-S motherboard. And currently it does not support a AM3 cpu, so I'm trying to do a bios flash so I can get the AM3 support( which is the BIOS version 799F1P11 from there web site, this link [...] rds=&sort= ) So far I have been following this page( [...] F000000066 ) to help me. I went down that page and they have a link that says how to make a bootable cd ( [...] F000000065 ) . On the cd walk through one, the first link that they have doesn't work. Does anyone know how they could help me in general to get a bootable disk so I can flash my BIOS? I have a Phenom II x4 processor that I am going to put in.
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