Intel 775 problems

Ok so i think im having some problems with the RAM on my computer. Im running one of the intel lga 775 desktop mobos with a core 2 quad 885(I think) and 6 gigs of ram on xp 64 bit and a nvidia gtx 295 gfx card. If i missed anything let me know.

Problem started a few days ago when id be working on some school work and everything freezes up and eventually the computer makes a long beeping sound and it wouldnt even turn itself off. Id shut it down by hand and start it back up. Everything boots up fine and the RAM is identified but after about 10 minutes same thing happens.

I tried testing all the rams individually and the problem still happens. I tested all the sockets, still nothing. Ran a virus scan and again nothing. I checked the graphics card and all the drivers are installed and they work. Basically i cant find the problem.

Help would be much appreciated since i need to get back to work.
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  1. What BIOS do you have? Award, Phoenix, AMI, General Software...?

    And what exactly does the beeping sound like as in length and pauses between beeps.
  2. Another question would be : what is the power supply you have, brand name and wattage?
  3. It has an Okia 650 Watt power supply with a regular Intel BIOS im sorry if i dont know what its called
  4. i guess im wondering if its time to replace the mobo because i tested the ram on another system at work today and it worked fine. ive never really had any problems with the power either its hooked up to an apc surge protector and i havent really touched to system in a few weeks so nothing that i know of could have dammaged the slots
  5. Which exact RAM do you have? Have you manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage in the BIOS?
  6. no i didnt set them, i just took what was there in the BIOS and they are 3 2 gb OCZ sticks. like i said i did the obvious stuff like testing them on different systems, testing them individually, and they all look fine. same thing with the power, tested it on another board in the office and works fine.
  7. The thing is, that doesn't really rule out the RAM voltage as the cause of the problem. The motherboard in the system you checked the RAM in may have provided enough voltage to the RAM under "Auto" settings, but yours may not.

    System freezes are most commonly caused by RAM problems. The fact that you're using an odd RAM setup for an LGA775 system and haven't set the RAM values in the BIOS would make me focus on the RAM before anything else. Your system will run best with an even number of RAM sticks installed. 6GB setups are for the LGA1366 systems with a triple channel RAM controller. Your system is designed for dual channel RAM operation.
  8. And do you recall the beep tones? They'll likely be one of the basic RAM error codes but knowing the exact one (or if it's not the RAM at all) will help.
  9. well i looked up the beep codes for intel mobo's but for your info it was one long beep and it just persists until i physically shut the machine down. and i just tried to turn it on and I got 3 beeps right off the bat if that helps. thx alot btw i appreciate it
  10. Yep, that's the memory error code. Unfortunately Intel's memory error code is so broad ranging it could mean a dozen things.
  11. well i just put it back together, and no more beeping but its still freezing up every 10 minutes or so. just doing random tasks. typically it would have started beeping by now but its been a while and it hasnt. im leaving it on just to see though if it recovers
  12. well i tested the ram again and i tried one of the sticks of ram, first one froze up the computer within 10 minutes, ive tried the others together thinking that it might be it, so far no problems
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