Sim Cabbies Worried Over Driving

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Cabbies Worried About Sims Starting To Drive

Reuters - Sim cab drivers say they fear a change that's coming to Sim
City and its outlying provinces -- Simville, Pleasantview, Strangetown
and the like.

"Until now we had a virtual monopoly. Now, I don't know what we have,"
bemoaned one taxi driver.

Until now, subsidized Sim cab drivers did not have to charge fares for
cab usage, as they are subsidized by the automakers who make their cabs.

But starting this summer, Sims of all ages 16 and up will be able to
drive cars for the first time.

That means fewer calls to the Yellow Cab company, a reliable form of Sim
transportation for more than 30 years.

And that could force drivers to start charging fares.

"I don't think they'll subsidize our cars anymore," said a cab driver.
"That means people will have to pay."

But many Sims expressed joy at finally being allowed to drive.

"They even let people drive even in Nazi Germany," said Justin Broke,
16. "But not here, till now. I can't wait to get my first set of
wheels and go cruising for chicks. Angela Pleasant, watch out. My car
will have power locks that only I can work."

"I want a Ferrari," said Bella Goth, who has mysteriously turned up
after disappearing for years while not aging. "Ever since the ride on
the UFO, I want to go fast."

"I'm already looking at some hot sports cars for my midlife crisis,"
said Daniel Pleasant, (R) Assemblyman, Pleasantview. "But my wife wants
an SUV and my mistress wants a Mercedes. Looks like I'll have to buy
all three to keep them happy. But you're not going to print that, are
you? That's strictly off the record."

With so many Sims driving it appears a cinch that cab drivers will have
to institute fares. But with most Sim provinces being so small, they
don't expect to make much.

"Ah, the good old days," said one cabbie. "Some rich lady Sim would
want to go shopping, she'd call you, you'd pick her up, driver her a
block, dump her off.

"I can't make money off that!"

And for many, too old and feeble to drive and living on a fixed income,
cab fares could dig into their wallet. And driving may not be an option.

"My husband tried driving a car for the first time last week in
preparation for the new change," said Coral Oldie. "He's 79, and he
didn't do so well. He mixed up the gas and the break and the forward
and the reverse. He ran over a yard of children at a nursery school and
then crashed though the front window of a video store. And that was
before he even started the engine."

Sim police admit they are a bit worried about the prospect of Sims
driving their own cars.

"Do *you* want to walk down the street knowing Mrs. Crumplebottom has a
car?" asked Sgt. Knightstick.

(c) 2005 Reuters International. No part of this article may be
reproduced without paying a fee to Jayson Blair.

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    Am Sat, 21 May 2005 22:29:10 GMT schrieb Cuthbert Gurdlestone:

    > Cabbies Worried About Sims Starting To Drive
    Wonderful! God, I laughed so hard... poor Yellow Cab Drivers indeed! *G*

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