Computer won't turn on(shut off during prime95)

Hey guys,

I've OC my cpu(phenom 2 955 to 3.8ghz V1.43) and ram (2x2g gskill 128000 to 8-8-8-24 V1.63) on a MSI 870-G45 ATX mobo.

I left prime95 run for about 40 min and when I checked my comp it was off, I tried turning it back on but it wouldn't. Even tried clearing the Cmos via jumper and taking out the battery. I've also took out the ram and put them back still nothing

I know it's not the power supply cause I've tried it with a different one and it still won't turn on.

All that happens when I press the power button is the led light on the computer turns on for a split second and the computer sounds like it's powering up but then stops right there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Well it sounds like you may have fried your processor unfortunatly, Prime95 is a good test but be careful because it puts a huge strain on your computer in heat and that could have been what fried it especially because you said you overclocked and overvoltaged your computer. I would blow a fan on your computer and see if you can boot it in 15 minutes, if you cant i would advise testing everything with a multimeter and not testing components in another computer. If a fried processor is a put into a computer that isnt fried it may junk that motherboard as well.
  2. hey mighmaxio thanks for the reply, how are you sure it's the cpu that's fried and not the mobo?

    also those oc settings weren't very high compared to what other people were doing with the same hardware....
  3. Because if it were the mobo its possible it wouldnt do anything when you pressed the power button. I would suspect the processor over the mobo, but there really isnt a good way how to test it without a multimeter, and i wouldnt advice putting it in another computer for testing unless you dont mind the risk of frying good hardware. Overclocking is always a risk and other people with the same hardware might have slight variations such as, ambient temperature in the room, cpu cooler, ammount of thermal paste on the processor, the amount of fans on the computer, different power supplies(if its a bad power supply, suppling the incorrect voltages could fry it). Then theres the fact that all processors are different even if they are the same model, some overclock good, some overclock bad with the same settings and voltages.

    What may have happened which would solve some things is that if you had thermal shutdown enabled in the bios then you might have saved your processor and it could just be too hot to boot atm. But it could be the motherboard too, the only way to test it really is trying another processor in there but that may fry the good processor as well. When one of those fails in my computers i build i scrap the processor, motherboard, and ram because i couldve internally damaged components of them.
  4. damn that really sucks, just bought this stuff a couple days ago thanks for your replies tough
  5. *note my computer does boot when I unplug the 4 pin CPU power from the motherboard (just nothing on comes up on screen
  6. Yeah if you overclock your system never leave it alone during bench tests unless you can confirm where the temperature ceiling is, I ran several bench tests for at least 2 hours and wouldn't leave my system alone till the temperature never jumped above 65*C. Does the system actually boot or just seems to be booting as you really cant confirm without being able to see it?
  7. Hey guys thanks for your help, i got the same board today and put everything back together but now nothing comes up on screen when I turn the computer on. All the pins from the power supply to mobo are in as is the 6 pin to the pci express card. I know its not the graphics card because i've tried it with another one and still nothing comes up on the monitors

    any clues?

    (using 2 samsung 2233 syncmasters via dvi)
  8. It still could be a fried processor from the overclock, i would advice not testing further with the new mobo until you run some multimeter tests.
  9. muli meter tests are the best way to see whats going on but one other thing is try unpluging everything and plug it back in nice and secure in the new set up could be a bad cable that went out at that time some how...and do you know 100% your monitor is good?....just ideas...seen ppl rebuild whole systems when all they needed was a monitor....
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