Graphics display issue with GA-MA785GM-US2H


I got a new GA-MA785GM-US2H. I have an issue with the on-board graphics card.

I can start the machine, go into the BIOS, go in GRUB and start Linux (Fedora 12) in text mode.

However whenever I try to boot something that requires graphics it does not work:

* Windows Vista (normal mode): the machine reboots at the point where it should display the Vista logo
* Windows Vista (safe mode): the machine lists some drivers (the last one listed being \Windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys), the reboots
* Fedora 12 (graphics mode): the machine freezes during the boot
* Fedora 12 (text mode): the machine boots fine but if I try "startx" it freezes
* Fedora 12 installation DVD: the first text mode questions are fine, the machine freezes when anaconda starts; on another note, if I try the "install system with basic video driver" option the installation goes through (but the installed system fails to boot with the above symptoms)

I have read about some drivers issue on windows with that motherboard and some solution but I cannot even boot in safe mode here.

I was wondering if there are other solutions or if the on-board graphics card is just bad and I just return the MB for a new one.


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  1. Try a few things in the BIOS before RMAing (if you haven't already):

    On the "Advanced BIOS Features" page:
    "UMA Frame Buffer Size" to any value, not 'auto'
    "Surround View" to "Disabled" (should be default...)
    "Init Display First" to "OnChipVGA" (for some ungodly reason, this defaults to the PCI slot(s)!)

    You may need an Sp2 rev of Vista to get 'native' support; I don't use Linux a lot, so am not sure about rev history, but Ubuntu's (debian) latest release (9.1), I'm pretty sure, has 'native' support for 785s...
  2. Bilbat. Thanks for your reply. Now it works on Linux with your advices plus a kernel update.

    I yet have to get Vista working.
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