Just Purchased i7 Build - What Do You Think?

I just made the following purchase last night for my new computer. A special thanks to Why_Me for his suggestions as I pretty much followed it to a "T"

Proc: i7-920 w/ DO stepping - $280

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P - $223
(less $15 MIR and $15 SIZZLE15 coupon)

Heatsink - Xigmatek Dark Knight w/ Tuniq - $45

Memory - G.Skill 6BG DDR3-1600 - $95

Case / Power (*Newegg Combo*)- CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000RC w/ PC Power 750W - $250 (less $50 MIR). I was going to purchase the RC-690 but I couldn't pass up this combo.

Video (another Newegg Sale) - EVGA GTX275 Superclocked - $250 (less $20 MIR) - same price as "vanilla" edition so no-brainer there. Can always add another down the road if need be.

Monitor - Samsung 24" T24HD - $320. Love having the TV inputs on this.

HD - Western Digital Black 640 - $75


DVDRW - Samsung 22x - $28

So there it is gentlemen. Let me know what you think and thanks again for taking time to answer questions on these forums and post builds as I have been reading through numerous posts over the last several weeks in forming this one.
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  1. Seems like the same ol' build that's always going around, just alot of people use a p6t mobo instead and a different case..
  2. this build is perfect :D :D :D
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