Dell Inspiron 5305 Low Profile card.

I am helping my sister upgrade her GPU from an integrated card.

The power supply is kinda small in her slim case. 250 watts.

maybe this card will work ?

She wants to play Bioshock and sims 3 on it.
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  1. Can't find 5305 on the Dell site. But the spec for that card's power requirement is:

    Minimum 300W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 18A)

    It;s saying you need 18 amps ("216W") on your 12V rail. There should be a label on your psu. You might get lucky. I wouldn't try.
  2. Ya i looked at the PSU and it says 18 amps

    And the card really only draws 50 watts.
  3. Go for it.
  4. i think he meant Dell 530s

    get the 4550 instead of the 9400GT
  5. I thought so too, but he said narrow case and the 530s came up with a standard case.
  6. any Dell with an "S" after the model number is a slim line. My dad has that exact same PC
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