What's Gonna Happen @ Boot? (New MB, CPU on Old HDD)

My P4 system died. Got a new MB, CPU, PSU, RAM coming today. I'm re-using the old hard drive, case, DVD, GPU, etc.

What's gonna happen when I hook up the new MB/CPU/PSU/RAM to my existing WinXP OS hard drive? Yeah - it ain't gonna work... Problem is, I got loads of stuff on the drive and I really, really, really don't wanna hook it up to another PC and try to pull the data... I've been a bad boy and have no backup. Dumb? Yeah... :pt1cable:

So, should I boot to the WinXP install disk and then do a "Repair"? I think I read that's a work-around.

Any better ideas?

FWIW, the old system is an Intel 915G chipset board w/ a Prescott P4. New system is an Intel P45 chipset board (ASUS P5Q-E) w/ an Core 2 Quad (Q9450 Yorkfield).
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  1. You might be lucky CG and find that your hard drive is read by your new system, ive had that happen a few times before, but to get your data back if that doesnt happen you may need another hard drive.

    With a new hard drive do a fresh install (pick up a cheap 80 GB off Ebay) and when you have your system set up just connect your old hard drive via SATA cable or as a slave if its IDE then restart your computer and your new system will recognize your old hard drive and it will show up in `my computer` as an extra hard drive from where you will be able to access your data and files.
  2. Good advice.
  3. LOL - system booted right into Windows off the old hard drive. Slow as hell and multiple error messages. But it booted and oddly, everything worked - but dead slow.

    Ended up putting a new hard drive in. You're right Proximon - it WAS good advice! :lol:
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