OCZ PCI-e drives - Are they treated as Raid storage?

I'm considering purchasing the

1TB OCZ Z-Drive P88 SSD

It appears to be lightning fast, 1.4GB/s (not Gb) read/write speeds and an on board 512MB cache with integrated Raid controller.

My understanding is that Adobe CS5 apps access Raid storage differently and make use of the disk caches in Raid configurations.

My question is will Adobe treat this drive as a Raid, benefiting from use of the disk cache?

Or would I be better served by buying several 160GB Intel X25-M SSDs, for example, and installing a dedicated PCI-e Raid controller.
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  1. The Z-Drive is treated and viewed as any other SATA/IDE hard drive when installed in a system. The onboard RAID controller is used to RAID the NAND flash on the board and is the reason the Z-Drive has such insane read/write/sustained speeds. The RAID controller built onto the Z-Drive does not act like a 3Ware or Highpoint type dedicated RAID controller card.

    I think that the read/write speeds are going to be more than fast enough that a dedicated RAID controller with RAID'ed drives would ctually perform less than the Z-Drive because of the dedicated RAID controller becomes the limiting factor as opposed to the Z-Drive just being plugged into the PCI-e.
  2. Thanks for the detailed advice - this is very helpful!
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