ATI hybrid graphics, CAN it work?


I recently built a computer with a 708g mobo that has embedded ati 3200 graphics. I plan on putting a better vcard in it later, but in the mean time I was wondering if I could pair it with a 2400pro pci x1(the
old pci not the new short slot). I'm not using the card in a system now and At AMD it says the card is compatible for Xfire with it. But I was wondering if it had to be the pci express version.
I have found nothing on the subject.

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. It should work fine as long as the motherboard detects as a ati card.
  2. I'm probably going to give it a whirl but I was woundering if anyone had any input. Aren't pci and pci express the same interface just express has more bandwidth through more lanes?
  3. ^yup that's pretty much the same thing.
  4. Yeah. The 3200 has just about the same capabilities as the 2400 as they are both 10.0 parts with the same number of shaders and ROPS. Putting it on the PCI bus (instead of having it's own PCI-E lane) may actually make the setup slower, but you have to try it to find out :D.
  5. so standard pci graphics cards run crossfire?
  6. Okay so I tried it, the card installs correctly and everything but in CCC there is no options for Xfire. Tried a few things still couldn't get it to come up. Benchmarks and games didn't change in performance. And in CCC the 2400pro was listed as disabled, but in device manager it was enabled. I just don't think it will work, you have to have pci xpress.
  7. hmmm that sucks. I was looking forward to possibly using... 4 PCI cards in xfire :p
  8. ^^flog and dead horse
  9. Crossfire requires communication over the two way PCIe bus... This should be very clear from any documentation on the subject anywhere on the internet.

    edit: fixed ze x to e
  10. well who actually has pci X buses? i dont.
  11. Yes yes, PCIe.. lol

    Though I have several ancient machines here at work with PCI extended.. lol
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