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I just bought a CM Storm Scout mid-tower case and the rear fan doesn't appear to work. Just to make sure I got all the connections, I have three 4-pin male power connectors at the bottom front. I connected those to the power supply. One of the male connectors has a 4-pin female power connector dangling from it. Am I supposed to do something with the female connector? Do I have the right number of male connectors?

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  1. it doesn't matter if u use the male of female connector of the fan, just use 1. make sure that u make good connection (sometimes molex need a little more "hard love"). also try on another molex of the psu.
  2. I read everything I could find on the internet and saw a picture of the case with the side panel on the side of wire bundle with the side removed. I never removed it. Lo and behold, there's another molex connector right in the center of the wire bundle. Plugged it in the fan works.

    Kind of teed off Cooler Master tech support never answered me.
  3. LOL good one, was reading and knew that was the issue. Same thing on mine:)
  4. You bought the case so I assume you reviewed it pretty well and never noticed you can remove BOTH side panels? lol At least you found your problem. I love my Storm Scout btw :)
  5. I knew it could be removed. I just never had a reason to remove it.

    The other molex plugs were in the bottom of the case. It just never occurred to me that a plug would be in the middle of the wire bundle. I took it off looking for a plug that may have slipped back where I couldn't see it on the bottom.

    I also found a little 2-wire plug in the middle of the wire bundle. Both male and female plugs are there, but they are unplugged. What is it for? Should I plug them together?

    Had to RMA my ASRock X58 Extreme motherboard back to NewEgg because of a dead memory socket. Waiting for the new one. :cry:

  6. The little two wire thing I believe is kind of an extension for the fan on top maybe?(I removed mine). But when I bought a fan for the see through side panel it had a similar connection that the normal large molex ended up being connected to which also came w/ the fan I had bought.
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    The two pin is for the red light.

    It's things that like that make the internet a wonderful place. I just built my first PC and was unsatisfied with the case. The usb/mic/headphone ports all felt like they were going to break because I had to force a flash drive or headphones in so hard for them to work. I decided to upgrade my case within 30 days.

    Getting a new case is the biggest damn hassle outside of replacing a motherboard (which I also already had to do). After a late night of putting this thing together I could NOT get the rear fan to work. I looked all over...I felt defeated. I figured the case would be cool enough without it and thought it not worth it (at least not right now) to take it back because the fan didn't work.

    Lo and behold I found the extra power cable connector thing you were talking about and the fan works!

  9. You know, how annoying is it that you purchase a case where all the wires lead to one place to then find out that one of the wires infact stops halfway there and is hidden by the back pannel. I am trying to get a hold of tech support today since they were on Vacation yesterday because I had to completly rewire my case to get that fan to work, plus I have the problem that when you touch the front USB/Power Pannel it shorts out and hard reboots my computer.

    Would of prefered the option to plug fans directly into the mother board also but that is only a minor gripe.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I wasn't sure about the connectors and the strange variety of them given the fans, so looked before I ever powered up. Good find!
  11. Mike_81 can you please post the url to the image i dont understand what you mean.
  12. How did you assemble your PC without taking both side panels off? I had to take both panels off to have cable management, and to connect the HDD cables.
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