First time oc am I ok?

First time poster,first time oc'er here. First off I want to say thank you to the community in advance. I've been using the into on these forums to build my pc from scratch by myself and you all have been a wealth of knowledge. Built my first pc since 2004... I've been using a laptop for the past 7 years.
Through you guys I finally decided and built this:
Intel I-72600k
Asus pro p...whatever it's called. The new one with the new bios format.
Radeon hd 6900 2gb gpu
Haf x942 case
8gb (2x4gb) ripsjaw x series ram
120gb ssd
1tb hdd
Noctua nh-14d CPU fan

Might have said some of that wrong but you get the gist

Put it together myself with help of forum info and some YouTube videos

Ok on to the questions and concerns.
Running around 27c idle 48c under prime58 torture test
Friend suggested oc'ing it
Read up on it and tried. First went up to 4.9ghz and ran 31c idle 78c prime torture
Didn't feel comfortable with that with what I've read from you guys so far. So I let it auto tune up to 4.6ghz 27c idle 66c prime torture load.

What kind of temps should I be looking for here?
Should I tune it down to 4.4ghz. (26c idle , 55c prime torture)?
Last question. I've read with auto tuner.. The voltage tends to run a bit higher than needed amd can be tweaked down in some cases to help get temps under what the auto tune adjusts them to. So if suggesting that...what increment should I lower them by?
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  1. 55c on prime is ok i wouldnt go no higher than that or risk damged to cpu. 4.4ghz is a good speed 4.9 sounds better but go with the temps lower the temp the better hope this helps
  2. really? no higher than 55c? from the general reading around forums and such i kinda gathered that you want to stay sub 70c. Ive read everything from sub 70c to sub 80c to sub 60c. now sub 55c... would really like some solid info on this.
  3. also a quick question about case fans. ( thinking of replacing all of them at the moment)

    the HAFx 942 case has 1x200mm side 1x200mm top 1x230mm front and 1x140mm rear.

    Wondering if its worth they money to replace all of these with upgrades and install the other 1x200mm top fan.

    atm im looking at the 140mm noctua for rear and three new 200mm coolermaster higher end fans (with red LED's cause it looks kinda cool to match with the front led)

    would it actually show a difference in core and Mobo temps?
    also looking into one of those pci- slot exhaust fans.
    i'm kind of obsessed with cooling for some reason. spend more time staring at core temps than i do using my cable management is about as tight and clean as i think it can be.

    Any advice would be helpful. Again thank you in advance
  4. Make sure you have good air flow, meaning it has a path to enter and exit. I like to blow in fresh air from the side, front and bottom, and then have cpu cooler blowing hot air pointed out the back and top of the case. Hot air rises, so I just follow that procedure to vent air. You don't want to fans blowing directly at each other, that defeats the purpose of air flow. Instead use exhaust and intake carefully to manage the air flow through the case.
  5. Your 4.6 ghz setting is probably the sweet spot, although you could easily go 4.7,4.8. Truth be told, you will really not notice any discernible difference between 4.6 and 4.9

    I'm running my i7 2600K @ 4.6 ghz 1.32 vcore now with a step down Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooler, and I max out at about 71-72 C on Prime 95 after 10 hours

    Any temps under 75 C during Prime 95 are totally fine, even probably under 80 C
  6. My friend last night told me that temps higher that 50c under load will shorten lifespan of my comp. He says that people that have these OCed comps running temps upwards of 70c are only getting a year lifespan out of the computer tops. Is this true? I'm looking for a good safe temp range to oc to without losing my comp in a year. I understand airflow concept above. Just wondering how much of a difference in temps should I expect out of it.
  7. overclocking will shorten ya life span anyway dont really matter what temp u go up to. more temp u go the more chance u got of f**king up ur cpu and burning it out stick with ur 4.4 or 4.6ghz and stay under the 55c mark for cpu temp on load and just try get as much airflow as u can might be nosiey but will be cool in the process. i have to coolermaster 690 ii advance with all ten case fans on high and corsair h70 my core temp is 25c and cpu temp around 39/40 and on load 49c.
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