AMD Replacement Cooler - Need fan with 4 pin connector

Hey guys long time reader first time poster - I have a problem I thought Id reach out for: My brother has an HP Desktop and left it in his basement for a summer (idiot)...After some troubleshooting I ended up replacing the mobo with a similar model (Asus M2N68-AM SE2) and it now works fine. The only thing wrong is the new mobo has a 4 pin PSU fan connector while the fan is only a 3 pin. The fan operates but there is no speed control and it is on full blast which is annoying. Ive been looking through newegg, but most photos of the fans dont have enough of a close-up for me to see the connector. Even worse, some say they have the 4-pin connector, but it is a different one with 4 pins. I need the little tiny one with 4 pins. If someone could tell me exactly what to look for or even better post a link with the one I should buy, that would be just terrific...thanks
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