Couple questions about installing ssd

Hello. I just received my new Intel XM-80 G2 today and I have couple of questions about the installation.
I want to use the ssd for my os only. I have 2 WD Velociraptors 300gb that is in a raid 0 now. My mobo is a Asus Rampage Extreme III. My os is Windows 7 64.

My questions are do I need to disconnect the raptors, install the ssd and then reboot into the bios and enable ahci, boot into bios, leave the raid as is, set the boot to DVD and install windows on the s
I read some the raid as is and every other hdd will automatically be achi.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Well if you only want the SSD for your OS then disconnect all other drives, connect the Intel SSD. Then go into bios BEFORE installing the OS and enable AHCI. After that install the OS. Once the OS is installed, connect your drives back and install all your applications.
  2. After I reconnect the Velociraptors, will it allow me to run them in Raid 0?
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    Here is a good guide I created for optimizing SSD...

    Ideally, you have your RAID setup on the JMicron/Marvell controller (didn't take time to look :) ), which is set as RAID. Run the SSD on the other contoller (standard on), which will be set at AHCI. Everything should work... (still recommended to uninstall everything else for the Windows install part..)
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the help. I did as you said blackhawk and I got an error that said ''chassis intruded'' and I was thinking uh- oh what the hell did I do? I restarted and it went smooth as butter. I still havent reconnected my 2 Velociraptors yet.
    Will they show up in raid or do I need to set them up in raid again?
    Thanks for all your help guys.
  5. Well Im not sure what to do with raid, I don't really know much about raid and don't really have much expirience with it. So others should help :).
  6. Was the RAID set up in BIOS? They should show up OK.

    You have all of the data backed up, right? I mean, RAID 0 has no redundancy, so if they blew up today it would just be a little inconvenient to restore from backups, but no problem otherwise. Right? Just plug them back in.
  7. Do I need to change anything in the bios after I bootup? The reason I ask is because the ssd in in AHCI.
  8. I would try it as is and see what happens :)
  9. In the bios I changed it from ahci to raid and got bsod. Had to change it back to achi. The Velociraptors show up and they are in raid but how do I use anything on them? Like my Steam games
  10. You will most likely have to reinstall/repair the Steam software again in the same folder on the VRaptor to gain access. It shouldn't effect the games by doing so.
  11. Thanks Tecmo
  12. I appreciate all of your help guys. Got Steam and my games working on the Velociraptors now. They seem sluggish compared to the ssd.
    I wish I would have bought a bigger ssd. 80gb's fill up fast.
  13. ^Thats one of the biggest things about an SSD. You look for the smallest possible one but then you wish you had gotten a larger one.
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