What router should I buy?

I have a desktop windows vista my server is TalkTalk, I've recently bought a laptop in the US which is windows 7 - can anyone advise me what router I should buy - I don't particulary want to spend a lot of dosh !!!
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  1. To simplify things have a look at Talk Talk's home site for help files on using a regular router with their service -- that should simplify your choices and setting it up.

    If you have one of the Talk Talk USB devices that lacks an ethernet port you will need to replace it with a full ADSL modem/router (presumably with wireless).

    If the Talk Talk thing has ethernet you could just add a wireless access point to it (or setup a wireless router as an access point).

    The operating system shouldn't matter if you set up the system manually but it's likely that current router models' supplied software "wizards" for setting up won't be Win7 compatible.
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