CPU is getting hot after applying Thermal Paste

My CPU is getting hot after applying Thermal Paste.

My specs are:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
AMD Phenom II X4 965
Deneb 45nm Technology
4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A785TD-V EVO (AM3)
V243HL (1920x1080@60Hz)
ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Hard Drives
Optical Drives
Optiarc DVD RW AD-5240S ATA Device
AMD High Definition Audio Device

My CPU is currently not overclocked at 3.4GHZ. The CPU goes from 44C (idle) to 72C (not full load). I applied new thermal paste called Arctic Silver 5 High Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound. My CPU cooler is the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2. I used Vodka to clean the CPU.

Not sure if this is important but I applied the Thermal Paste because I had High temperatures (36C - 67C) but now it is worse.

I want to ask how can I fix these high temperatures?
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  1. I also applied the paste twice (cleaning the first attempts paste of course) and the first time, i used the middle dot method but it didn't spread out properly and after I got clean film on my finger and spreaded it out all over the CPU. Also in the second time, it got cooler.
  2. Use your Vodkar and drink it, after that, use alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean both CPU and Cooler.

    Don't use your finger to apply the TIM because this have grease and damage the TIM as soon as you touch it, use and old credit or debit card (clean it too with alcohol before use) to cover all cooler, then install it on CPU.
  3. I will try this out, my alcohol is probably going to arrive at Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. What case? I've had the same problem.
    I've changed my stock cooler with a bigger one. Scythe katana3 ,and temperatures raised a lot,then I've bought antec two hundred. And temps are ok now,not excellent,but ok.

    My point is that generally I've bought cpu cooler for a silence, and a new case for a cooler temps.

    Also apply very very very thin layer of a thermal grease. It's hard to put too little of it. Usually people put too much.
  5. I did the credit card thing, it kinda helped but its not better than it was at the start, 41C idle and 68C while playing Minecraft.

    Also, how thick should the Thermal Paste be?
  6. My case is the Coolermaster Elite 335.
  7. Ok, your problem is the case.
  8. I'm thinking that an Antec 300 would be good because my CPU fan is pointing upwards and it generally seems alot better.

    I'm going to try get a picture of my computer.
  9. Your case only have one fan as intake, but nothing to exhaust that hot air.
  10. I probably messed up the link. I took the side fan out. So do you think an Antec 300 is good for me?
  11. Can you change the cooler orientation? the fan should be facing to the RAM slots.
  12. I can't, only for Intel processors i can twist it around. So would it be worth it to get Antec 300 or Coolermaster 690 II?
  13. 690 II plus additional fan or 690 II advance, those're excellent case for the price
  14. Ok I will try that if I keep failing at thermal paste stuff. Just a few more questions, what can I expect as a temperature change from the CM Elite 335 to CM 690 II with some more fans? and would buying a Hyper 212+ (if I can make it face the RAM) be worth it?
  15. I'd say no. Regardless of case, the CPU temperature is too high. I really should have taken pictures of when I redid my CPU cooler, since these questions have been popping up like flowers.

    Pure Alcohol, as in rubbing alcohol is not vodka. So go back to cleaning your CPU once again ad get all the gunk off the CPU and the cooler. My usual steps with AS5,
    1.) clean big gunk with paper towl
    2.) use Qtip with alcohol or non aggressive fingernail polish remover
    3.) Polish with a microfiber cloth

    To apply AS5 I spread about a pea size dot in the middle and then spread it with a credit card in a thin layer. It should not be oozing out of every side, but should cover it evenly in a thin layer. Please note that AS5 does have a burn in time. It will not achieve it's greatest potential till about 200 hours of use. Regardless, not over clocked you should be seeing much lower temperatures.
  16. Supermuncher85's method seemed to of worked now its like 34C (almost idle) and 54C in Minecraft, although I did clean my GPU fan and now the GPU is 10C cooler. I might get the case in the future but now temperature is now not any of my concerns anymore hopefully.
  17. Damn, I got CPU and Motherboard mixed up, so the Motherboard is 10C cooler, GPU is slightly cooler.
  18. Yeah you have a fair bit of dust in there i'm sure cleaning can help a bunch. If you have a dust filter on the intake it's probably super dirty too.

    Also an easy way to tell if the case is a problem (air flow) just run it with the side open and see if the temps drop compared to being closed.
  19. ^ I would definitely run with the case open for some time and see if it makes a difference.

    Pressure air cans are a great way to get dust out. When using pressured air, hold the fan in place so it doesn't spin out of control. The air pressure could be too much for the bearings in the fans.
  20. Now after playing TF2 for 2 minutes, the screen goes blank. It never did this before.
  21. Well what were the temps?

    Have you cleaned everything, particularily heat sinks?

    Have you tried leaving the case open?
  22. After a minute of TF2, the GPU was 82C and the CPU was 50C. I did clean my GPU and CPU.
  23. Actually I think the CPU was 40C
  24. I also forgot to mention, now my Graphics Card fan hits its own heatsink.
  25. Now I can't even access my computer, when I started up my computer, 5 seconds in, the screen says its loss signal.
  26. tim1907 said:
    I also forgot to mention, now my Graphics Card fan hits its own heatsink.

    This is the problem. If the fan doesn't spin, it's going to get real hot.
  27. So what should I do, try to bend it back into place? or try to return it?
  28. try to bend it back first and if that doesn´t work, return it, your guarantee is still valid rigth?
  29. hey guys, i just read all your comments about your applying the thermal paste and excess heating of your CPU. so i tried to show people how to apply thermal paste with some easy steps at my forum. hope this come in hady for you all. check this out:

  30. Hey, sorry if this post is a little old to res, but I don't use forums often so hopefully this will get read, but I have a very similar setup to you tim, I have the same CPU, CPU Heatsink + fan and the same Thermal paste, and my CPU is currently running at 74oC playing BF3 which is a little worrying, I do need to do a clean again but when I first reapplied the new thermal paste and used a can of air to clean it I was still running at higher than I expected too.. I'm wondering, could this be the heatsink?

    Also, seems we may have both been using Ebuyer? ;P
  31. tim1907 said:
    My case is the Coolermaster Elite 335.

    Wwwwwwwwait you have a computer like that (old but pretty high end) and you play minecraft? You could play bf3 at atleast now ignore med to high
  32. Power supply.
  33. try it out, just put a small bump in the middle like a grain of rice(2 piece) or something then just drop your cooler, drink your bottle of vodka in one shot, screw in the screws, load up your pc, check your temps and let it rip
  34. This is a year old thread, btw.
  35. saint19 said:
    Use your Vodkar and drink it, after that, use alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to clean both CPU and Cooler.

    Don't use your finger to apply the TIM because this have grease and damage the TIM as soon as you touch it, use and old credit or debit card (clean it too with alcohol before use) to cover all cooler, then install it on CPU.

    U should NEVER use a credit card to rub therrmal paste. The only and best way to do it is by putting a pea size dot in the center. The credit card method will fully spread the paste around. But once the cpu gets hot it will melt and fall off the cpu onto the mobo.
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