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my first post. Comments please on my budget setup listed here.

I have the following games in mind for this system:

currently finishing up:
Mass Effect
Universe at War

On Tap:
Assasin's Creed
Empire Total War
Dead Space

(Yes, I'm behind due to time constraints)

The idea with this parts list is that I can later recycle the parts for other uses.
-video card (add another identical one) later in a higher power rig
- remaining parts for a server here @ the house.

Time frame for this rig purchase: < 1 month
Time frame for "recycle" as about 6 - 12 months

Case, PSU

(I already have: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, OS, and HD )

$455.94 + $30.85 shipping to Atlanta

Doubt I can put much more $ into the system right now.

Other contraints: Would like to keep the PS under 625W so it'll live in harmony with my 1000kva ups.

Lemme know,
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  1. Also, overclocking is NOT a priority.. If that helps.
  2. +1 on drunkn's build.
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