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Hi building a lan computer with a raidmax icecube case.I have two part question.First do i need a crossfire or SLI motherboard to run a dual core video card and second i have 10.25" to work with what will fit in there.I was planning to buy a 790gx matx amd motherboard but wouldnt mind getting away with a single slot 780g or maybe a nvidia motherboard.
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  1. 1) No, a dual chip vga card does it's work internally. As far as I know, no special motherboard is necessary.

    2) The GTX2xx cards are specified as 10.5" long. Actually, I measure mine as a bit closer to 10.25" It would be good to test things out first if you can.
    Cards like the GTS 250 are smaller, and some of the newer ati cards are <10" also.
  2. by the looks of it, a 10.25" card can fit, and with any x2 card (includes gtx 295) can work perfectly fine without an sli/x-fire Motherboard.

    also, dual core is not correct, GPU's nowadays have aver 200 cores.
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