Cant boot after upgrading cpu

I just upgraded my cpu to a Intel Xeon Processer x3220. 2.4ghz quad. When i start my computer..nothing seems to happen. Nothing on the screen. The cpu and the graphics card fan seems to be on. When i put my old processer in, it worked fine, but not the new one.

Heres my computers normal stats:

Computer: dell vostro 200

MotherBoard: Dell Inc. 0CU409

CPU: 1.8ghz intel core duo 64kb primary memory cache, 1024kb secondary.

Ram:1g(2x .5g)

Graphics: nvidia gefore 9500 (recently installed)
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  1. The CPU isnt compatible. Check to see if there is a bios update, although your probably *** out of luck. If theres no bios that supports it you cant use it.
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    The first thing one must do before trying to do upgrades on a prebuild, is check with the manufacturer. You must understand the prebuilds are puposely built with very little upgradability. Especially when it comes to processors. Normally, you are pretty much limited to a small upgrade in speed of the same exact processor you have already. Different processor families very, very seldom work at all, and if they do, they don't always work correctly.
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