Overclocking FSB on unsupported clock generator

I would like to overclock the FSB on my motherboard. The clock generator is a Cyprus CY222OPVC-1. I have installed SETFSB. Unfortunately CY222OPVC-1 is not one of the supported chips. Is there any way to move forward from here?

Compaq EVO W8000 dual XEON 2.8GHz.

I actually am still running three of these workhorses (3.0GHz, 2.8GHz, 2.4GHz), so an answer would provide significant returns.

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  1. No....Im not thinkin so...if your bios does not let you control the fsb the only thing you can really do is looking @your mobo's site and see if there is a newer bios with that featuer...if not Im affraid your stuck with what your board can let you do
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