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Hiya Guys! :hello: I need your help to look at my new rig and to spot any incompatibities or where I need to change something desperatly!

I live in the UK so the prices for components are not as competitive as in the US so please bear that in mind. My total budget is £630, but it can vary up to 10% if absolutely necessary .

Ok I'm building this build for gaming (mainly) and heavy multitasking. I would appreciate any modifications/advice you may have regarding the components of the build.

CPU = AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Socket AM3 6MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor

Motherboard = Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P 790X Socket AM3 DDR3 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard

Memory = OCZ 4GB KIT (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1600Mhz PC3 12800 GOLD SERIES DUAL CHANNEL KIT (8-8-8-26)

Case = Antec P182 Gunmetal Grey Super Mid Tower Case - No PSU

Power supply = Corsair 650W TX Series PSU - 120mm Fan, 80+% Efficiency, Single +12V Rail

CPU Cooling = I'm not sure if I need this or just use the stock fan that comes with a processor, . Will be O/C'ing to 3.0 GHz, maybe 3.2 GHz.

Video Card: XFX ATI Radeon 4770 512MB DDR5 PCI-E DVI

Hard Drive = Western Digital 750GB Hard Drive SATA300 7200rpm 32MB Cache Caviar Black – OEM

CD/DVD Burner = LiteOn 20x DVD±RW Dual Layer & Ram IDE Black Bare Drive - OEM

Total= approximate £635.31, based on prices at time of posting.

2 Key questions I have also!
1) Is this rig going to fit into the Antex mid p182 case? especially concerned regarding PSU, MOBO and GPU. Is the MOBO truely AM3 compatible? i.e. x4 955 and beyond?
2) First major build... so It may seem newbish but do I need to buy any more cables for the build or will enough come with the items I am buying?

I appreciate any feedback regarding this build!

Thank you for your time! :bounce:
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  1. The Antec case is more a choice for quiet, not really what I would consider a gaming case. I also really dislike doors on my cases. Are you really going to close it or just leave it open?

    This would be the budget case of choice, very well cooled.
    CM 690

    you should get an after market cooler, and there is no question about fit with the CM 690. Anything you like will fit in there:
    I don't have solid numbers on the Akasa, as it's not available in the US. However the design is good and all reports are positive.
  2. To answer the Qs:

    1. See above on the case. 1a. Yes, as much as any current board will be.
    2. No you'll get everything.

    One more thing. The 750GB Caviar Black is slower than the 640GB or 1TB. This is because it uses less dense 250GB platters. The 640Gb uses 320GB platters, while the 1TB uses 334GB platters.
  3. Good suggestions but I need to go with the Antec p182 to keep the noise as low as I can and to keep it cooled well so I dont mind paying good money on the case. Do you think it will all fit in the p182 mid case though?
  4. It will all fit, but change the CPU cooler to the very quiet Scythe Zipang. It's a good cooler, not as strong as the Akasa but top rated and should be a good fit on the board and in the case.
  5. and change the GPU to a 4850 since TSMC is having trouble with 40nm and you won't see a 4770 being bought first hand anytime soon.
  6. Okay so I think Im almost sorted!

    I've got hold of a little more cash so I can stretch to get a 4870 or a GTX 260 Black Edition. I take it both these cards would be compatible with my chosen MOBO?

    If I do get the Scythe SCZP-1000 Zipang is it going to fit in my case? its huge! :D Also will this cooler cover over the RAM slots or any other other parts of the MOBO i need to install cards/etc to? :bounce:
  7. The Zipang is indeed huge but it's not tall. It's shape should enable it to clear the first two RAM slots, as long as you don't use RAM with tall heatspreaders. I don't see any issues. It won't be a problem with the expansion slots, and you'll have ample room under it for fingers while connecting fans or whatever.
  8. Both cards are singly compatible. Using a 4870 would leave you the option of adding a second in crossfire later, as the board supports crossfire.

    This is a pretty nice price, and a very good performer:
  9. I've decided to go for a XFX HD 4870 1GB XXX edition graphics card for my new rig. However there is a wooping £40 price difference between these to sites...


    Why are the prices so different? i.e. cheap on overclockers. Is there something I'm overlooking? Is the overclockers card a refurb?

    Is a tusted site to deliver goods as aposed to dabs?
  10. These cards just dropped dramatically here, so I guess Overclockers is just more on top of things.
  11. Is that so! :D Awsome, I think I will go with overclockers on this one! Woop woop only 6 hours till I order my new PC! :D :D :D :bounce:
  12. Is that so! :D Awsome, I think I will go with overclockers on this one! Woop woop only 6 hours till I order my new PC! :D :D :D :bounce:
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