PN5-E SLI Motherboard died....I think....Now what to replace with

I have an older Asus PN5-E SLI motherboard that I suspect bit the dust today. I just just dusted the ol computer off to start rebuilding to play some games again. When I turn it on now it runs but doesn't show anything on the monitor like the cable isn't plugged in to the old graphics card. After a minute or so it beeps at me....1 long, 3 short. If I'm not mistaken that's a graphics adapter error so I swapped out the graphics card with the same result. Does this sound like the problem would be in the graphics card?

If this motherboard is dead are there any suggestions on a decent not super expensive replacement?

I have an Intel E6800 processor in there now. If I have to replace the motherboard would it make sense to just stick with the same processor or go on and make the switch to AMD or something? I had planned on upgrading to a quad core next year so I don't have to much money to throw around at this.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Check out this post @ Asus' Forums:

    1 long 3 short = Bad Video or Video RAM

    Depending on your video card, make sure it has the required PCI-E power connector attached. If the GPU doesn't have the power it needs, it can also cause this problem.
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