Q9550 worth it?

I'm looking to upgrade my CPU, Specs:
asus p5q p45 board
4gb xms2 ram
hd4890 @1ghz

I cannot afford to change platforms to i5/i7 and im feeling a bottleneck in my system.
For example GRID runs at around 55fps but dips to 35fps at times and the benchys for the oc'd 4890 give it a min fps of roughly 75 and avg fps of 100.
So I assume its the CPU as it onlly has 2mb l2 cache and has been clocked at 3.2 for over 3 years now.

I game at 1920x1200, Theres a good lineup of games being released over the next few months id like to play at max :D

For purly gaming should I get a q9550 or a e8500? Both will be oc'd quite heavily, What sort of performance gain can i exspect from the upgrade?
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  1. Get the one that's cheapest.
  2. q9's historically run better than the e8's other than that i'm not sure.
  3. i have 1
    I love mines :D
  4. I would recommend the Q9950. It performed very well in the system I built that went to my Dad. I could tell very little difference between the Q9950 and my Core i7 920 in games like COD. I can't speak on the E8500, except I had the same debt in my mind. I finally chose the Q9550 because I felt it would provide the better overall system performance and not just gaming.
  5. It's a great chip for a drop in upgrade. I have mine running at 4.0Ghz on a TRUE120. Get the q9550, not the E8500.
  6. I would get the quad myself. But dont worry about how long you had the overclock. As long as it stable 3.2ghz is 3.2ghz. It doesnt get slower overtime.
  7. Go for the quad man. If not, buy a big ole box of cookies.
  8. q9550 totaly wort it. I plan to get soon, i just wait to see if the prices will go down a little.
  9. Get the Q! Should last you for a lot longer than an E8x00. I went from a E6320 @ 3.1Ghz to the Q9550 @ 3.4Ghz - nice upgrade! Can now encode a avi file and play Crysis at the same time!
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