How do I find my Southbridge temps?

on my Asus P6t Deluxe V2? I tried Asus Probe II, the newest version of Everest, Speedfan, etc. They all show a motherboard temp along with my core temps. Is that an average of the cpu/nb/sb temps together? Just the NB? How can I find just my SB temps?

I'm particularly worried since this is my second P6T, replacing one that had the southbridge flame up after a long night of defragging multiple HDDs. I'd like to be able to keep an eye on it since it's sitting directly under my crossfired Radeon HD 4870s.
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  1. hat is the best way to cool intel ihc8 southbridge on a gigabye ga-965p-dg6 mobo?
  2. Thats a great question, it's only going to read where the thermal diode has been placed. A guess, more activity on the NorthBridge video,ram,Pci-express versus controller and io. You can purchase an inexpensive thermal diode and install it yourself.
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