Power Supply for 9800 GTX 512 MB or 1GB

So it seems my video card has gone out. At first it would go to a black screen if anything like a large game was loaded, then it started doing it right after startup. Now it just gives me the 1 long, 3 short beeps (Asus mobo). I tried removing and reseating the graphics card and RAM with no success. If this is not the problem, someone let me know =).

But if it is, I was looking to get the Gefore 9800 GTX card, either 512MB or 1GB if my comp can handle it. It has a power supply with 550W Peak Wattage. Is this enough for either of those? I also have 2GB of RAM.
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  1. A "peak wattage" rating is meaningless. What is really critical is the 12 volt rating.

    What's the brand and model of the old power supply. For that matter, what are the specifications of your system? Your old video card?
  2. System Specs:
    Windows Vista, Around 2 ghrtz AMD processor (Cant recall exact amount), 2 GB RAM, ASUS motherboard
    My old card was a 512 MB Geforce 7600 GS.
    Here is a pic of my power supply information panel:

    Im not sure of the brand, but it says CE Silent Engine on the back at the fan if that helps.
  3. 9800 GTX+ power requirement
    Minimum of a 450 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 24 Amp Amps.)

    The 9800GTX needs even less power
    your 28 amps should be able to handle that card
  4. Does the 9800 GTX need 2 6pin connectors like the GTX+? I think I may only have 1 after checking it
  5. it needs two but most come with an adapter you can use for one of them
  6. Should my power supply have a spot for the adapter?
  7. Sorry, it double posted
  8. Ah, very helpful. Thanks
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