PCI Express 2.0

Can a P C I express x16 motherboard handle a P C I 2.0 express x16 graphics card? Aren't they physically identical but P C I 2.0 can be twice as fast.
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  1. It can surely handle a slower motherboard (for as far as my knowledge reaches). Though, you've got indeed a major bandwidth loss (resulting in some performance loss).
  2. You can put a PCI-E 2.0 graphics card in a motherboard with PCI-E 1.1 with no problem and with no performance loss.

    For example I have a motherboard with PCI-E 1.1 with a GTX295 and I don’t have any performance loss. :)
  3. ^you might have some since that is a dual card
  4. ^No I don’t have.
  5. pcie 2.0 is backwards compatible it will just run at the lower speed and pcie 16x ass plenty bandwidth anyway
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