Old pc died. Can I connect my it's hdd to new build to recover files?

So is it possible to recover my old files by just connecting my old pc's hdd to my new one? Not for booting windows just storage only.
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    Yes, you can certainly do that.
  2. If the drive is an old IDE unit and the motherboard is one of the newer ones without an IDE connection you are out of luck hooking the 2 together. IF it is IDE and not sure what the MB has just search the web for specs.
    If the drive is SATA and the MB is sata just connect away. Either way just reuse the data cable from the old unit and attach power from the new pc.
    You might have to tweek the bios if the old drive is not automatically recognized by the new pc. Also you did not mention if the old drive was the boot drive. You might have to change a jumper on the back of the drive to slave from master.

    For either type, just make sure to power down before opening the case and ground yourself. Murphy would have you frying your old data while transferring data if he had his way.
  3. You can get an adapter if it is sata and if you mean old as in it died it may mean a bad hard drive or a power supply death you may also have a bad hard. finger crossed that it is not. You certainly can do that but thats a longgggggggg transfer
  4. No mention of it even being an IDE drive but here is a cheaper option than above if it needs to be converted. SATA to IDE/IDE to SATA Drive Interface Adapter

    Your files should not be a problem to recover unless they were encrypted or the drive is broke.
  5. sorry diddn't mention this.

    It's an IDE and my new mobo has an IDE slot.. So this is good news I can blow off the dust and try it this weekend. I was just afraid it would need to be reformatted before my new pc would recognize it. I'm interested to see what i did 8 years ago :D
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  7. There is a BIG if here: I've had three computers die over my 'computer life' and only two of the hard drives were recoverable. Whatever killed the 2nd computer toasted the hard drive, too.
  8. ^thanks for that warning
  9. If the drive doesn't respond, one thing my buddies and I did back in college would be to put the drive in multiple airtight containers/bags with a couple desicant packs and put them in the freezer for 48 hours. This allowed a few of our failed drives to spin up for enough time to pull off the data we wanted/needed.
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