Purchasing (2) HDD for Raid 0

I have a Caviar Black that I won't be using for Raid 0 so I need to buy new drives. I have no idea what to look for aside from avoiding the Black/Green/Blue series of drives. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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  1. What are your performance goals? Why are you using raid 0? Need more info.

    You want TLER support in general.
  2. Primarily use my computer to play video games copied to my HD and on-drive movie watching in HD.
  3. Thinking of this drive

    Key features: TLER, 64MB cache
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    I doubt you need RAID 0 for that level of performance.
  5. Some video games may start faster from a Raid-0. Movies don't need it.

    In the last years, throughput improved much more than access time, and Raid improves throughput even more, so the key choice factor is access time. I'd definitely consider 450GB or 600GB Velociraptors if assembling a Raid-0, and would prefer one such disk to a Raid-0 of two 7200rpm - except if you're sure to read only big files like 1MB each.
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