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how to remove watermarks from video or pictures
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Photoshop editing or resort to the original program.
  2. jitendrashinde25 said:
    how to remove watermarks from video or pictures

    As for video: if your watermark isn't big there's a rather simple solution - using any video cropping tool (e.g. VidCrop) you can cut off the part of your video containing this watermark :p
  3. that or you can use an app to edit each frame adding a transparrent blurr/smudge effect over the watermark

    Sometimes if it was very mild semi transparent channel logo for example this can work reasonably well... but will still be noticable

    Sorry I can't remember any specific app name - was a Long time ago I played with something like that.
    But am sure many app could do this - kinda like applying your "blurr/smudge" effect as your logo... this is not a image added rather than a photoshop effect applied to each frame of the whole video in the same spot.

    Can't be too hard :)
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