Can a corrupted game damage a graphic card?

My 8800GTS died after launching a corrupted game, corrupted installation I guess. Could this be possible that the game caused it? Thanks.
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  1. More likelly that the 8800GTS death throes were what caused the game to appear corrupted.

    Your post doesnt really give us enough information on exactly what type of death your graphics card suffered. Has driver corruption \ windows issues been ruled out, are you getting a corrupted picture of no picture at all etc etc. Is it just instability running normal programs? Have you tried the card in another PC or another card in this pc etc etc.

    The game itself would be exceptionally unlikely to damage a graphics card, except from running for a long time at excessively high settings overworking the graphics card to the point where heat kills it. I had some fun with an 8800GTX running crysis like that. 2048x1536 With everything maxed >1 fps and the card overheated badly and threw a wobbly although it still works fine after cooling down.
  2. I am pretty sure its not the graphic card that is causing the game to appear corrupted because I tried that game on my brother's PC and it appears to have same abnormal behavior too. I also tried my card on his PC, therefore able to comfirm its death. It emits 1 long beep and 2 short beeps when I switch on my PC. I will be getting a new card tomorrow but I just couldn't figure out what caused this to happen. Thanks dtq.
  3. That exact beep pattern can point to a terminal video card death on some bios's.

    Components do just die sometimes. Not necesarily due to either age or useage. Just like any component. I see it a lot at work where I get identical components in batchs, and some die a lot sooner than others even though they are identical. Its unfortunate that this one died relatively young.

    But I wouldnt expect it to be a game that caused it.

    Theres only two ways that I can think off for that to happen one is extended over heating and the other is malicious code deliberately writing to the GPU's Bios. Ive not heard of any such code, but it would be one of the few ways software could "kill" a card.
  4. I guess is just my luck then. Thanks for the info!
  5. i installed Crysis Warload few days back after playing it for about 5 minutes my monitor display went off..... actually the game was downloaded from torrent and i suppose it was corrupted.... after a while i came to know my graphic card 9800GT is DEAD..... no display on monitor but the motherboard and all the other hardwares were working fine...
    and its true... corrupted games can damage ur hardware....
  6. Or it had a Virus/malicious code on it. That's why you don't download games from torrents. Really though it was probably the corruption made the card work harder/in different ways than it usually does or should, and that made it die. But who knows, can't prove it one way or another (it could have already been dying and the game was fine, but the high load made it die).
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