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I am moving soon so plan to ship my pc. Before I do I want to remove most of the expensive hardware. My question is, is it safe to leave the processor and memory locked in its place on my motherboard during transit/travel. I plan to take out my motherboard of the case and carry it with me. I just didnt want to remove the cpu as I tossed the packaing it came in. Motherboard: asus p6t deluxe, CPU: i7.

Like I mentioned... silly quesiton :pt1cable:
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  1. I shipped my PC from the UK to Canada just stuffed full of bubble wrap, and it worked fine when it got here. Unless you have a really heavy heatsink or graphics card I wouldn't bother dismantling anything.
  2. Maybe pull the hard drive, wrap it in bubble wrap, and put it back into the case so it doesn't move around..
  3. thanks for the tips! will just remove my 3d card and hard drives i guess.
  4. Leaving the CPU and memory in their sockets/slos is fine. The retention bracket for Core i7 is pretty tight and most memory is hard as hell to take out without moving the release things. I wasy you will be fine but do what the others have suggested.

    Oh and just as a precaution try to find the anti-static bubble wrap. Doesn't hurt to have full protection.
  5. I would suggest removing graphics card, CPU cooler and any HDDs but leaving everything else in the mobo, and the mobo in the case.
  6. Depending on which CPU cooler your using. I have the Zalman 9700 and there's no way I would ship it while still mounted on the MoBo, unless I could lay my case on it's side sitting on the seat next to me with the seat-belt holding it in place. :bounce:
  7. I ship PCs all the time across country, if everything is in right and screwed down, tie extra wires to the case with zip ties and youll be just fine.
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