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location of bios chip on the mother board
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    The location can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the motherboard and how old the motherboard is. But for the most part, motherboards have pretty much been standardized.

    Knowing the location of the BIOS chip isn't going to do you much good unless of course the chip happens to be in a socket. If it's in a socket, that means that should you accidentally corrupt the BIOS when updating it, that you can always order a new chip from the manufacturer and replace the one currently on the motherboard.

    The item which would probably be of most interest to you would be the Clear CMOS jumper which is used to wipe out the contents of the User Configurable BIOS Settings including the BIOS Password if one happens to be set.

    Also, some systems may have a jumper used to lock the BIOS to prevent unauthorized changes. Not sure what this one would be called as I have not encountered this one yet, but I have heard of it.

    If you need to update (flash) your BIOS, then you really do not need to know where the chip is unless your motherboard requires a jumper to be set such as a BIOS Lock jumper.

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    Now depending on whether your system is a Brand name or custom built and you still need information on the motherboard such as Bios chip location, jumpers and what not, you're going to need some information to get what you want.

    Custom built: Mother board model & manufacturer

    you can usually find this somewhere on the motherboard and the model number will usually sufice as you can Google it to find out brand it is. Then you can go to the manufacturer site to get the user & service manual.

    Brand name: Model number and if still on the system, Tag number or what ever they may call it.

    You can go to the Manufacturer website > support and you can get the manuals there.

    If your system is an Acer, Gateway, eMachine or Packard Bell then you may not be able to get the service manual as Acer does not release the service manuals these days.
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