4GB Ram stops working as well as 2 on upgrade to Windows 7

I've been running Windows Vista Business x64 for over a year now with 4GB of Kingston HyperX Ram (2GBx2) and it works smoothly, no memory errors, nothing. I just upgraded to Windows 7 x64 last night and suddenly everything went to snail speeds, especially IE. I popped out a ram stick out and it went back to perfectly smooth. Either stick works fine, just not together. I had used Windows 7 x64 RC before and that had worked fine on this same system.

What could have happened in the hour it took to move from Vista x64 to Windows 7?

Any help would me most appreciated.

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  1. Further info...it started timing out when loading up webpages and now I can't connect to the wireless network at all. Still works fine with one stick of ram. Can the ram be affecting my wireless card?
  2. Check site of your motherboard mfg. for driver update. I update the driver for my motherboard and have had absolutely no problems since I installed the win 7 MoBo update. Hope that helps.
  3. That's where I would start too. Make sure all the mobo drivers are up-to-date. Even though it sounds more like a driver issue, it probably wouldn't hurt to make sure you have the latest update for you bios as well.
  4. I have updated to the latested Mobo drivers (there aren't any newer bios I'm afraid) but the problem persists. :(
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