How to make few folders in Ext HDD hidden for DVD player


I have a WD External HDD ( My Book) 1 TB, There are around 180 movies in it.
I directly connect it to DVD player (LG) and select one from all movie files detected by player from ext HDD. It shows like explorer but only shows movie files (AVI, DIVX...)
Recently i took some huge back-up of 200 GB of my system into 3 folders of external HDD, now connected to DVD player, it is taking too much of time to scan and find the movie files for selection to play. Looks like it is scanning all my backup data.
How to make that backup folders to be ingored by DVD player so that It can check in only the folders containing movies, and the backup folders should only be accessible from my laptop (Windows Vista) only.

Any trick, Pls help!

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    Only one thing comes to my mind, but it won't be pretty. Put the files back onto your computer, and delete the folders off the ex drive. Use whatever program you want to turn the files into a zip, rar, iso, etc. And just in case that DVD player can look inside zip rar or iso, rename the 3 letter extension to .jnk, or any other thing you want. Hopefully it will now look like junk to the DVD player and it will just skip it.

    Only down side is you'll have to rename it if you ever need to use the data in it, and if you do you'll need a fast way to open it. zip is probably better then iso.
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  3. I renamed folders to a ASCII special charecters that is not detected and even found says Invalid file name and ingored by DVD player.
    Thanks for solution.
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