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I didn't choose a sub-category and now I have to retype D:

In short...
Had CPU heat problems > bought Titan Fenrir > fixed CPU temps (quite alot atleast). Had MB heat problems > noticed North Bridge gets searing 4 mins after PC is turned on > bought following case:
as the fan should cool EVERYTHING directly, and the case looks like it has GREAT airflow.

Then noticed HSF doesnt fit (156mm tall) as the side fan is also directly over the CPU/HSF reducing HSF max height to 143mm (approx). Basically I need a case which can accomodate the 156mm tall HSF and yet guarantee my northbridge will get some DAM cold winds.

Cannot find one, looked for several days, cannot get refund on Titan Fenrir (+ its not overly large anyway + it does a good job on my Q9550).

Help?! D:
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  1. You might try one of these solutions:

    If your swapping cases, I'd suggest the Antec 900 (mid tower) or 1200 (full tower)
  2. Well I'll need to replace either the entire HSF or the case itself, they are incompatible. An extra fan may help (I don't know how good they would be) the north bridge, but I still need to change the case.

    I those cases but neither seem compatible with LGA775 intel (which is my entire PC). Atleast I think so.. My PSU is a Coolmaster with a fan at the bottom extracting.. that will be useless in this build. But is this really the only other possible solution? I need My northbridge cooled down and I don't know the extent of airflow's possible effect. doesn't look like it will touch my northbridge much at all really?

    Surely somebody knows a case that can cool the north bridge way down? D:
  3. Let's go back a little bit. You stated that you had cpu, motherboard, and northbridge heat problems. You also mentioned cpu temps.

    Please provide a list of your pc components.

    Please provide a list of the temperature readings you took at idle and load.

    Please state the ambient (room) temperature when you took the readings.

    Please state the software utility you used to measure the temperatures.

    Without that information proper advice cannot be given.

    The large tower style heatsinks usually max out at an overall height of 160mm. A pc case should be a minimum of 8 inches wide to accomodate such a tall cpu heatsink. Your case is 8.7 inches wide but that is an overall dimension that includes the odd fan housing on the front of the case. The actual interior width is less. The large 360mm fan on the side panel just makes matters worse. I am afraid you purchased the wrong case if you want to install the tall tower style cpu heatsinks.

    You have two options. First you could pruchase a new case that will meet your requirements. Second you could purchase a low profile cpu heatsink.

    Here is a link to a web site with lots of information about cpu heatsinks:

    Look for the page for low profile cpu heatsinks.
  4. I had CPU temp issues, I got Titan Fenrir to fix that. Worked okay but not superbly.
    Still had unusual motherboard temps, concluded I need a better case (I basically had an office case) with really good airflow.

    My PC components:

    Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D 750i SLI
    Power Supply: Coolmaster Real Power
    Graphics Card: XFX 260 Black Edition (basically 280).
    CPU: Q9550 Core2Quad
    RAM: 2x Corsair 2GB RAM
    Soundcard: CreativeX (Just to let you know I have a large physical object below my GFX card)
    Heatsink & Fan: Titan Fenrir (156mm tall)

    OS: Vista x64
    Software used to measure temps:
    ASUS PC Probe (came with motherboard)
    ASUS X (came with motherboard)

    I alternated and found they all showed very similar temps.

    19c ambient room temp.

    Anything else I should mention?

    All I really wanted was a really nice airflow and for all temps to decrease as much as possible (especially the North Bridge which got no cooling at all in my old case).

    Thanks for the help!

    My temps are (in other case, not this new one) GPU: 50c idle/60c load, CPU: 55c idle/75c load, MB: 43c idle/55c load.

    It's been 5 weeks since I had a working PC so these figures are within 1-5c of truth.

    Also, I looked at the low profile chart (I hadn't seen it, thanks!) but the best ranked heatsink classified "110mm or less" cools the CPU almost 10c less than the Titan Fenrir. I wouldn't be confident buying such a HSF and still hoping my CPU temps go down. What is definately needed is a good case. Perhaps I've bought the wrong one..

    And just to note, only the side fan is an issue. (You mentioned the front fan).
  5. Thanks for posting the information. Your cpu temp was on the high side. Part of the problem is the pc case you selected. There are two huge intake fans but only one 120mm exhaust fan. It's not exactly ideal air flow. Generally you just want a little more exhaust than intake.

    If you want to use a tall 160mm tower cpu heatsink, then you will have to get a different case that has excellent ventilation, air flow, and cooling. I clicked on the link you provided in your original post and found an excellent case for you. The Coolermaster CM 690 V2 Dominator is a popular case with gamers. Ventilation, air flow, and cooling are excellent. technical reviews are very favorable. The case can accomodate the larger heatsinks. Here is the link:

    BTW - The front fan was mentioned because manufacturers and vendors list the overall dimensions for a case. The fan on the side panel made it worse.
  6. Did you ever consider simply installing a smaller say 60mm fan directly over the N/B, if it was getting too hot?

    CPU: 55c idle/75c load

    Thats not good if thats with the new heatsink, my Q9550 runs 62c under Prime95 load OC'd to 3.83G.

    That new case looks like it would fly around the room, but the side fan is seriously bad for the heatsink you have, you can always remove the side fan and replace it with a couple of well positioned 120mm or 140mm fans but some modding skills would be a must for that.

    19c ambient room temp.

    Wow thats like 66F you should have much better internal case temps than you do, I suggest getting a different case for sure.
  7. At JohnnyLucky:

    The case has 1 case mounted exhaust + my PSU is also an extractor. there are also many vents on the top for rising air to escape from. This case (logically) has superb airflow - I've already read everywhere that you want a positive airflow in the case if things heat quickly - this is so the air pressure within can more quickly absorb the heat and more quickly leaves the case. Sadly the issue is as I said my HSF doesn't fit, and so the temps I gave as I said, were from an older "office computer case". I havn't had anything working in this new one.

    I've never seen this case you've suggested. I worry that it's very small (no room for air to rise) and has no vents on top? Also as I mentioned before, I was sure (I researched it quite alot) that positive airflow was prefferable for gaming rigs. Note that I've never used the case which I've shown you - so I have no idea of it's performance. Surely it must be great for the MB itself though. Lots of cold air directly onto the N/B and a great breeze across it toward the back where my PSU + case extractors are. Also vents for all rising air which passes those fans. The air will leave the case if it's hot and then disperse (upwards until cool again).

    Not attacking you're assistance, I'd just like to walk away with thorough knowledge now that I'm having such problems with cases :)!
    Thanks for the help again!

    This review seems to show temps not handling too well.
    There is also nothing to help the N/B at all :/
    The PSU's placement will be useless as an extractor in the bottom :/
    Their GPU is 60 minimum.. meaning mine would be at BEST, 10c higher than it was in my first case (the rubbish office computer case).
    Meaning my CPU and N/B are surely also going to rise in temp. Looking like an instant melt-down if I bought that case so far D:

    At 4ryan6:

    I didn't know there were such small fans you could install anywhere in the case.

    What heatsink do you use??

    I don't see how the side fan can't only help the heatsink? most of the air from the side fan will hit the bottom of the motherboard (where I really need it on the N/B) and rise once hot. then blowing either out the back exhaust (which the HSF fan aims at) or the PSU exhaust, or the vents.

    I don't trust myself (or anyone I know) with modding :/

    And the temps given etc are for the first case (you havn't seen, it was an office computer case). That's what made me buy an expensive HSF, TIM and case (which I hoped would cool the N/B right down).

    Again, thanks for your assistance!
  8. The photographs and description of the Coolermaster 690 Dominator at the UK web site are not very good. For example, you can't see it but the entire front and top panels of the case are perforated mesh for excellent ventilation. If necessary the case can accomodate 7 case fans.

    Here is a link to the same pc case over at in the USA. Take a good look at the photos, description, and specifications:

    There is a lot of debate over positive and negative air pressure. The general rule of thumb is there should be just a little bit more exhaust than intake.
  9. Honour3 said:

    Graphics Card: XFX 260 Black Edition (basically 280).

    :pfff: I get such a kick out of that
  10. Honour3 said:
    Then noticed HSF doesnt fit (156mm tall) as the side fan is also directly over the CPU/HSF reducing HSF max height to 143mm (approx). Basically I need a case which can accomodate the 156mm tall HSF and yet guarantee my northbridge will get some DAM cold winds.

    Honour3 said:
    I don't see how the side fan can't only help the heatsink? most of the air from the side fan will hit the bottom of the motherboard (where I really need it on the N/B) and rise once hot. then blowing either out the back exhaust (which the HSF fan aims at) or the PSU exhaust, or the vents.

    I must have missed something here, I thought you were saying the new case you bought huge side fan didn't clear the installation of the CPU heatsink you had purchased.

    The case Johnny has linked you to has 2 side fan possibilities you can use the lower mounting hole and install either a 120 or 140mm side fan blowing into the case, leave the upper fan mounting hole empty, and that will allow the CPUs heatsink mounting plus provide direct airflow onto the N/B.

    What heatsink do you use??

    Xigmatek S1283, its almost identical to what you have.

    I don't trust myself (or anyone I know) with modding

    Then get a case you don't have to mod that you can successfully use the CPU cooler you bought.
  11. At JohnnyLucky:

    To me it's more logical to have positive airflow in any case with fan-less vents which are in positions through which hot air would escape quicker than cold air. Such as the Antec 900/1200 which as you alerted me to, has large fan-less vents. Just saying.

    All I can say for sure is if the N/B got direct cold wind, it would probably be as cool as it should be. Because I don't know whether or not I'm experiencing an unusually hot N/B or not, I don't know if good general airflow alone will be enough to keep it healthy.
    None of the Antex fans get close to the N/B really. One is above the HSF (useless for me) and one is on the right hand side of the GFX card which will just push cold air into the hot air from the GFX card's own fan - no useful feat really right? :/
    And just to note, the side fan vent which is behind the HSF, under the Mobo, seems quite useless. just gives hot air a reason to pass the HSF by.
    Don't see why PSU isn't on top at all. That would give the top side vent a clear path to hot air instead of through the Mobo, and the PSU can be an exhaust as mine (a Coolmaster) is designed to be. Very very odd.

    Before I noticed all this I thought that would be a great case yeah. But seems quite.. inefficient now :/
    If only the PSU was at the top and MB on the bottom!
    Is there any other case/s you know of? Thanks for your help so far too :)

    At 4ryan6:

    Yeah the case I've bought (A380 Xclio) can't have my HSF fit into it. And the second quote just says how the case would have worked.

    Also note the HSF will be blowing air heated by a Q9550 (stupidly hot) from the very top of the case (hot air from everything else) down onto the N/B in that case. I don't see how this helps the N/B at all, direct cold wind is the best I can hope for - that is IF i need direct airflow - I guess a good enough case would cool it enough.

    Thanks for helping too!
  12. Good Luck.
  13. It's so awkward, I've been looking at tons of cases now and yeah the Antecs seem the best - 1200 for me I find.
    Unhappy that there isn't a mesh vent ontop - that would seal the deal. I do wish the side fan was a bit higher too - my GTX 260 will easily force that air to either leave the path to the N/B or heat it up fiercely.

    Guess Antec 1200 is my best candidate right now though.
    I'll get one from scan because I can return it within 7days for any reason.

    Thanks for the help guys :)

    I don't know when I swapped to the Antec lol, I thought one of you had mentioned it. I'm going to buy the Coolermaster HAF 932 from Scan. I don't have to pay for postage so I can use the 7day money back guarantee. I'll get it up and running and post how it goes. Thanks
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