Bought an aftermarket CPU cooler; have questions about the fan speed

Hey there,

I bought an aftermarket CPU cooler from newegg ( and while it's running cooler than before, it's still not as much as I had hoped it would be. I'm curious how much higher should I increase the fan speed to accommodate for this. Also, is it possible to change the fan speed beyond BIOS or is that the only way?

Thank you for any help.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What temps are you getting on load and idle? What CPU? what other components?
  2. Hey, thanks for replying.

    I'm getting 35c - 39c while idle and 55c - 65c (sometimes as high as 70c) while under load. The CPU I'm using is a i7-950 (
  3. Whats the ambient temperature in the room?
  4. 75c right now.

    EDIT: lol, sorry, I wasn't thinking. My mind is all on random temperatures. It's 75f, not c.
  5. What CPU do you have, along with clock speed and voltage?

    It's not OC'd, so everything should be default.
  7. Voltage can vary slightly, but yeah, those temperatures seem a bit excessive for that CPU. If your air flow is good (having a source of cool air coming in near the CPU fan) and have a good application of thermal paste it shouldn't be getting quite that warm.

    You might look into undervolting, which is a semi-opposite process to overclocking. The idea is to leave the chip at the same clock speed and turn the voltage down a bit in bios to bring temperatures down.
  8. Have you tried opening the case to see if the temp will come down that way?
  9. First thing first: increased your fan's speed, mostly likely, will only knock off a couple degrees. Same with adding another fan. Might not be worth the noise. Your expectations for how well your new cooler might work may have been a bit high; it is for a lot of people. Although, I think the i7-9xx series ran a bit hot. I could be completely wrong.

    Anyway, how did you install the cooling unit, more specifically, how did you apply your thermal compound? (Are you using the stock compound?) Cooling unit aside, does your computer case have adequate airflow: no blockage from wires, proper airflow? These are the core factors to look at.
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