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I currently have my phenom II 955 at 4ghz without changing my FSB. I used strictly the multiplier and a little voltage tweak to get there. My ram is: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231275&cm_re=ripjaws-_-20-231-275-_-Product

I was wondering if these sticks could withstand overclocking if i were to raise the FSB. I've done some reading and I can't really find the info I'm looking for.

Another question i have is what is affected by raising the FSB besides how the multipliers work and the ram speed increasing?

Any help would be great.
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  1. no problem with the multiplier or FSB OC as long as stable, there is little difference in terms of score and resistance to RAM.

    - OC clock multiplier you can get high without forcing Ram worked so hard. and you can get it at your height you in accordance with the cpu capability.
    - and if the OC with the FSB, the RAM should be a really very strong against high frequency and high vdim, and even with having to sacrifice timing Ram is set loose. but the OC my FSB higher than the OC via Multiplier
  2. Well i want to overclock the ram as well, i was just wondering how many mhz i can squeeze out of it. Are you saying that i should be able to run it faster than the 667 mhz?
  3. you can change divider ram in the bios set to 1600 for default get @800 (in Cpu-z) with it mean run at 1600 and little increase Vdim. (max 1.65v)
    and first you must loosen the timing first, then test with the IBT if result stable you can tighten it again and test again and so on.

    and test stability use Intel burntest set High/Maximum in 20 loop maybe less than 15minute
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