What Graphics Card for Newly Built Gaming PC?


I'm having trouble choosing what video card to get for my new PC. I'm currently using on-board graphics, but this fails to play games smoothly. I'm hoping to play games like Crysis and GTA IV at very high settings.

My Specs are:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHZ
640GB Hard-Drive
Vista Home Premium 64-bit

The slot is PCI Express 2.0 x16.

I'm leaning towards the Radeon HD4890, but if there are other suggestions for cards at about this price range they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Yeah a 4890 is a good choice and it overclocks well. It won't max out Crysis at certain resolutions but it will for the smaller ones. What resolution screen to you plan to play on. If you've got a big screen your only choice is a dual-gpu solution for maxing it out. I think you only have 1 PCI-E slot (just a guess) so you could get a 4870x2 or a GTX295, if you have the money.
  2. At what resoloution? What power supply do you have? Which motherboard is installed?
    For now I'd say either the GTX275 or HD4890 would be the best choice.
    If your case is a mid tower check the cooling, a lot of coolers dump some or all of their heat into the case and with summer getting warmer, this could cause issues.
    These companies off the best warranties : XFX, EVGA and BFG. Both EVGA and BFG offer 'step up' programs allowing you to 'step up' to a higher card for only the price difference; See their websites for details.
  3. To play crysis at very high settings you would need something like a 4870x2, gtx295, or a crossfire/sli rig to even approach playable frame rates. You would also need to substantially overclock the cpu.

    For everything else a 4890/275 would be fine.. though that depends what resolution you like to play at.

    I must question the choice of a slow quad core CPU though, when games get the multi threading support in the future it may perform better than a dual core.. but as far as a budget system goes a fast dual core would have been a better choice. Of course you can always overclock the CPU.
  4. yeah overall man, i think we need your resolution here. Because attaining max settings can be easy or impossible, depending on that 10 letter word spelled resolution.
  5. ^ Do not mock the afflicted.
  6. Thanks for all the responses!
    The resolution I will be playing at will only be 1280x720 until I get my new screen, and I have a 650w PSU
  7. What resolution is the new monitor you plan on buying?
  8. Yeah the Q8200 and the 4890 should easily max out games like crysis at that resolution
  9. The 4890 or a 275 would be great for your setup and allow a better monitor in the future.
  10. OC your Q8200 to about 2.7GHZ and then buy yourself a HD 4890 or GTX 275
  11. Quote:
    man you need a new monitor badly, 1280 x 720 ouch. Shop around you can get the standard in gaming now (24") 1920 x 1200 for less than $300. The 4890 is a good choice but the 5000 series( Direct X11) is just around the corner from ATI I would wait and see another month or so.


    Well you at least hid the hand cream...
  12. Gordan_Freemans_Toaster said:
    Thanks for all the responses!
    The resolution I will be playing at will only be 1280x720 until I get my new screen, and I have a 650w PSU

    'a 650w PSU'...

    How about 'this 650w PSU'? Not all PSU's are created equal. I'd give a rosewill 650 to someone that I didn't like, but I'd have to really not like them...
  13. @ Gordan_Freemans_Toaster: At 1280x720 I'd drop in a 9600GT/9800GT/HD4850 and hold on until some DX11 hardware is released and reviewed. The Internet Rumour Mill has the release about October or possibly August depending on which source you use. Both cards can play most games at high provided you keep the AA low or off.
    Also, it will allow you a little longer to save for a screen/card upgrade which will, trust me, be stunning. (Well I was stunned moving up from 19 to 24" and a 8800GTS 640 to a HD4870).
  14. For your current mnitor, go for a 4850/4770/9800GT/GTS 250. Rest is awaste of money and resources.

    If you plan to upgrade your monitor on the same card, then go for 4870 1GB/4890/GTX 260/GTX275.
    Also, keep in mind that the DX 11 cards are rumored to be here by October ( thats the time when all the major games release- call of duty MC 2, NFS, Assassins creed 2 etc). A $150 DX11 card would easily beat all the above mentioned cards in DX11 games, but not at DX10 Games.

    So, tread carefully on the path you choose henceforth....lol... Kidding....
  15. In a couple of weeks I will be playing on a 40" Samsung at 1920X1080, would the 4890 still max games like Crysis, GTA IV ect. at this resolution? Thanks
  16. ^ Most games, but not Crysis

    Get a 4890, OC your CPU and be happy. You will be able to run Crysis on High at that res, most likely anyway. If you want to raise your settings to very high at least lower some of the more CPU intensive options to high or medium to prevent your CPU from bottlenecking your GPU as much.
  17. Quote:
    correction, hand sanitizer !

    I stand corrected, O Bling Master!
  18. The 4890 it is! Thanks for all the help :P
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