Another Will It Fit: CM TX3 in the CM Elite 335

Hey guys, tru here with another question. I was looking at heatsinks to replace my stock cooler, and the usual 212+ is just a little too big for my case. I'm looking at the little brother TX3, but I'm not too sure if it will fit. Also, do you guys have different suggestions in that price range($25 or lower)? Thanks for the answers, tru out!
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    Yep! a TX3 will fit no problem,just remove the side panel vent.
    Better cooler that also fits.
    COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520
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  3. Thanks! I had been looking into that, but I thought it might've been a little too bulky. Already planned on removing the cone, as it was only barely helping my Phenom II B55 cool with the stock 555 heatsink.
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