Can anyone tell me what I should do?

Hi I need help overclocking even just a little I have an Asrock 890gx Extreme 4 with a AMD phenom 2 x2 cpu also I have 2g ddr3 should have 4 but one of my sticks won't work for anything computer just keeps shutting off?But I'm looking to overclock and wondering what settings I should change in the BIOS? Also Asrock come with Turbo UCC and a core unlocker but don't seem to work everytime I try computer fails to boot afterwards.
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  1. 1. start at optimized defaults
    2. put your multiplier up by .5
    3.boot your computer till it starts to freeze or not boot
    4. up your voltage...whatch your temps( you should always do a stress test after you change voltage
    you want to keep your temps under stress at just over 70 that means in games you will be runnin about 60 or a bit higher...those are safe high temps that wont cause any long term damage
    to go any highr than that you need an aftermarket cooler after that you have you basic over clock setting...then if you want to try to go further and overclock other things raising the fsb will up your cpu ram and nb freqencies....this takes a bit more getting into for that but there is a basic overclock guide for ya
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