Computer powers up, but the fans do not seem to run fully...

My brother has a gateway refurbished computer (I realize that it isn't home built but didn't know where else to post the thread)
I just recently updated my rig and had to buy a bigger case. I decided to sell him my old ASUS 9800gt (he had an 8500gt) to him because I recently bought an 280gtx. Well I put the 9800gt into his desktop case (tight fit), and I ran a little to hot because a lack of cooling. I decided to transfer his rig into my old case (Antec Sonata 300). Well I put everything in and handed it over to him to set it back up and it didn't boot. I spent the next 3-4 hours trying to get the thing to power up. Finally after knocking it down to just the essentials it booted. I took everything and put it in one by one checking it as I did to see what was interfering. After I got it all back together, it was acting funny. Sometimes when I hit the power button it starts to boot but then shuts off again, and when it does boot it seems very quiet and the cpu (Intel quad core 2.44 ghz, can't remember the exact name) fan and the case fan hardly seem to run at max capacity. When I check the temps the cpu it is running around 50c idle and it shoots close to 70c while playing Call of Duty World at War. The gpu was hitting above 80c and spiked to 94c. The computer doesn't seem to be getting adequate power. The power supply is a brand new 550w so I know that it is not causing the problem. I just don't get it...Any advice will help,

Thanks in advance.
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  1. List the specs of the PSU. You say it's 550w, but that doesn't tell anyone if it has enough amps to run a 9800gt or other high end video card.

    The temps are too high as well. What kind of mobo does this thing have? Name brand or gateway generic?

    If it's a generic mobo and you have a good PSU I would hook the fans up directly to the PSU. You'll need plug converters if you don't any. The mobo might not be able to handle the power requirements of what you're tring to do.
  2. The mobo is a generic gateway. The PSU specs...

    Input Voltage...100v-240v, 50-60Hz, Max 6.0A

    Output voltage- +12v1dc
    Max load- 18A
    Min Load- 0.3A





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