Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan

Hi Everyone; posted the below yesterday in the "other components" forum and did not get a reply and figured it might be more appropriate here. Any input will be highly appreciated. I already ordered the system (with the Asetek LC system), but can still change if necessary.

Hi Guys,
Just about to pull trigger on a CyberPower system. They currently have free upgrade to the above LC system, but I am not convinced I want it. What would be the advantages/disadvantes if I safed a couple of bucks and switched to a CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 instead?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Similar performance as the Asetek LCS (based on good airflow for each cooler) The Asetek might perform slightly better.

    For the most part, you'd see similar performance from either cooler. You could improve the CM TX3 by adding another fan for push/pull. Personally, for the TX3 vs. the Asetek, I'd go the route of the TX3 in push/pull...and I run a full water loop. Some people here have used LCS coolers before with mixed reviews as to their overall performance, so they might be better suited to comment.

    Good luck..and yes...this is likely the best place to pose this question.
  2. Thank you very much rubix!

    Another option would be the Thermaltake Contac 30 Heatpipe Direct-Contact Technology CPU Cooler.

    Any input on how that one stacks up against previous two options?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Not sure to be honest...the 2 air coolers look VERY much alike, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

    Here is a review from FrostyTech: Page 5 is the conclusion, but I figured you'd want to read that before the rest of the article.

    Here is a review for the Thermaltake Contac 29 (couldn't find one on the 30, but they look VERY similar)

    Here is what I found as a close comparison:

    -Brand-------------Model------Fan Speed----150w test----85w test----Noise Level-

    Coolermaster--Hyper TX3------high-----------23.2C----------14.0C--------56.0db

    Thermaltake--Contac 29--------low-----------27.6C----------16.8C---------30.1db
  4. Thanks again rubix. I think I will just stick with the Asetek LC system; spoke to Cyberpower and they recommend that system over the two air coolers, even though they could have made more $$ recommending the Thermaltake. Of course they might still make bigger margin, but at some point a newb like me has to trust the source. I don't plan on any crazy oc'ing, so I am sure all three would do the trick for me and l hope that the LC solution will be the quietest one.

    My main concerns were around leaks and reading up a lot on the Asetek systems there appears to be a lot of sceptics, but found very little proof of people actually having a problem with the system, and most of the issues then appear to be related to mounting of system on back of case, rather than actual leaks.

    Thanks again for all your help and guidance!
  5. I think you would be fine going with it...just make sure to give the inside of your case a look every once in a while to look for any signs of leaks...and if so, RMA it immediately. I don't think you will have an issue, but just keep in mind that this is a preventative step for any LCS or watercooling loop. It's best to catch a leak or drip early and fix it, than to ignore it and find out the hard way. ...just the nature of the beast. Good luck.
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