Need a Graphics card..have no idea!

Been a long time since iv investigated graphics cards and i have no idea whats what now.

Im looking for a card that will play good games like fall out 3 etc well and will play games like star craft 2 at a good/reasonable level too.

budget around 100-130 Pound,

any help be much appriciated

thanks :)
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  1. also as quite small, energy efficiant as possible without effecting perofrmance, also a card compatible with nvidias hybrid power would be kool
  2. Can you post what the rest of the system is please and include the power supply, The Amps or Watts specific to the +12V rail/s would be good if you know it or just Make and model and we can google it from there. Also what size/res monitor are you using.
    The card recomendation really does depend on these things but i would think you are looking at something like the HD4670 or 4770

  3. i think you need a really weak discrete graphics solution to do hybrid, if you have over 500 w you should be able to run a gtx 260, u might have to get a few power converters
  4. i got the OCZ 500W ModXStream Pro Power Supply ( , also im in a m-atx and the case allows cards up to 10"
  5. I know that some asus 9800GT (like the one in the link) is hybrid, as are a few 9800GT. Your PSU can easily power it, it can run Fallout 3 and most likely SC 2. It should be well within your budget.
  6. how about this one thw X260 is newer then 9800 right, if its worth going for the better card id be happy to compensate the hybrid power
  7. also does that card have that physics tin included ?? isnt that normally a seperate card,

    i was uptodate with this stuff 2-3 years ago, so much has changed lol
  8. Do not buy a core 192 260, get the core 216's. Phys X has been integrated into Nvidia GPU's for some time now (at least since the 8000 series).
  9. it also seems its a really big card,

    this is the case i got, max 10.5" length
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