"Disk read error occurred" during Windows XP System Restore -- Help!!

I did a system restore on my Dell computer today (older--bought it at the end of 2005) -- when trying to reverse this, I got the "black screen" that says "A Disk Read Error Occurred-- Press Contrl/Alt/Delete to restart"
When I do that it just goes back to the Dell startup screen, and then back to that black screen, again and again.
It won't let me type in any commands, or even any of the F keys
I am running Windows XP home edition

Help! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this?
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  1. Can you get to the Dell recovery on startup? May be your only option...
  2. I'm not sure I understand what you did

    please explain in detail what issues made you decide to system restore and what
    """I did a system restore on my Dell computer today (older--bought it at the end of 2005) -- when trying to reverse this""" means

    you tried to reverse the system restore you just did?

    or it wont boot now and you are trying to fix it?

    Probably need to do the dell recovery cd or whatever key loads the recovery partition/bios

    try hitting tab or esc to get out of the dell boot splash screen
  3. Hi again,
    The system restore was to a point about 2 months ago, to undo a printer driver/plug in installation that had been troublesome. But it took away some other programs I had installed since then, so I attempted to undo the restore. That's where I got into trouble...now it won't reboot. I can get to the F12 menu, however
  4. There are three reasons that you get a disk read error,

    1) The hard disk is faulty
    2) The memory is faulty
    3) You have buggy software.

    I suggest that you backup any data that you have on the drive as soon as possible. To test the drive download the manufactures drive diagnostic utility, to test the memory download memtest86. I doubt that faulty software is the cause of your problem. If you cannot boot your system you can test the drive and recover your data on another computer and the memory test does not require the hard drive to be working.
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