Sleep Issues: VGA Fan Loud AsRockX58 Extreme

Ok I put this in the Motherboard section because I'm pretty sure it isn't the VGA card that is the issue.

When use "Sleep" the the VGA fan cranks up to 100%. The case fans remain on normal speeds (they are on a controller). I tried swapping out for another VGA card and it does the same thing. This is really annoying because those cards get LOUD on 100%. I checked the drivers and they're all up to date.

If I use hibernate or standby (hybrid sleep) ALL the fans shut down and all is quiet. However I updated my MOBO bios and I no longer have "hybrid sleep" option, so I'm stuck with SLOW hibernate recovery, or LOUD sleep. What to do?

I have C-state enabled
I have C package (C3/C6) on Auto
I have usb legacy support enabled. I tried disabling that, but it doesn't fix the issue.
I swapped VGA cards (no help).

Does anyone have any ideas? I would really appreciate the help because it is very annoying.

i7 920
AsRock X58 Extreme (Bios 1.60)
OCZ DDR1600 6Gb
OCZ Vertex 30Gbx2 Raid 0
Corsair 750TX PSU
EVGA 9800GTX+ / PNY 250 GTS (Tried Both Separately)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
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  1. Well I figured out why I couldn't get hybrid sleep. The new bios settings were different for ACPI. I enabled the save to RAM function, and hybrid sleep is back. So much better.
    Sleep seems to do the same thing as hybrid sleep though.
    Couple questions though (because I just switched from XP, and Vista/Win7 sleep is different).

    On "Sleep" not "Hybrid Sleep" are all of the fans CPU, Case, Everything supposed to turn off? Mine do.

    Returning from "Sleep" or "Hybrid Sleep" I get about a 5 second lag where I can see the desktop but can't open any programs. Is this normal? Happens every time. Not terribly annoying but if its abnormal how might I fix it? Thanks
  2. I am in a similar state where I am seeing some weird sleep behavior. But since this is my first custom build (Asrock X58 Extreme, CM690, four fans, new to Win7), I just assumed I'd have to live with it. Thanks for finding a solution to try (save to Ram).

    I am curious how many case fans you have and what connectors you are using on the board. In my system the front fan stays on during sleep, but maybe that's because its a three pin fan, connected to a four pin (ChassisFan2) connector?
  3. I'm using a nxzt panzer box. I've got a 3pin cpu fan going into the board (cpu fan connector). All the rest I've got to my fan controller (sunbeam rhoebus) or direct to the psu with molex adapters. The cpu fan goes down on sleep along with the rest with my system.
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