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My PC is having problems booting when more than 2 USB's are connected, it comes on try's to do Memory Testing on pre boot but it get stuck then it starts over gets to memory testing again then keeps repeating that cycle, if i unplug any 1 of the usb's it then boots fine and goes to windows, but with all the usb's plugged in it won't get past memory testing.

The bios is the latest, has anyone seen this before?
Is it a motherboard problem?
Or is the power not getting to the usbs correctly?

any help is appreciated.

PC specs

Gigabyte P45-UD3R -bios f9
4gb G skill ram
1TB Western Digital
HD 4350
Antec 450w PSU
Samsung DVD
Windows 7 RC 7100

USB's connected are
HP Printer
Linsys Wireless adapter
Seagate Freeagent 250gb external
Ipod Dock
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  1. Just to add, the PC runs great once Windows loads and all the USB items run perfect it just won't boot when the USB's are plugged in.
  2. It's not very surprising. Ipods especially are known to cause problems.

    I would try a separate powered hub and see if that resolves things. You do have some USB settings in BIOS, and you could try experimenting with them a bit. You may also have a USB hard drive detection setting in there that is applicable.
  3. I have tried a separate powered hub and it now finishes memory testing but then locks up again and keeps cycling again.
    I've tried a 2nd hub and it locks up earlier on the words 'memory t'
    As soon as i unplug any usb (doesn't matter which one) it flies through and boots windows as normal.
    Is there not enough power to power the usb's?
  4. Seems like it. I would contact Gigabyte and see what they say.

    Is this PSU an Antec Basiq? Those are not terribly good.
  5. Just tried an usb pci card from another computer and it doesn't have any problems, it boots fine, so it must be a problem with the onboard usb. I don't understand why all the onboard usb's work fine when windows is booted though.
    Is there anything i can try to fix it or should i contact gigabyte for a replacement?

  6. Yes, Antec Basiq 450w, could that be the problem?
  7. Possibly. I can't say for sure, but we do not recommend those. Antec makes many fine PSUs but the Basiq line is not one of those.
    A bad or poor PSU can cause many problems that look just like other things... the only way to know is swap it out.
  8. I've been using antec basiq 350w on a couple of other PCs for 3 years + no probs, plenty of usb's powered
    Anyway, Would this be enough?


    its the only local store that carries them.

    I've just tried 2 printers, 2 external HDD, 2 usb sticks, linksys wireless usb and ipod and no problems when in windows, wouldn't they not work in windows if there wasn't enough power?

  9. That's a very nice Delta-built PSU, but it's way overpriced.

    Here's what I think COULD be happening. While booting your PSU is still warming up and the voltages are not quite stable, although the MB thinks that they are and so begins the POST.

    This, I think, is specific to the 5V rail, not the 12V.... I may be wrong, I'm not an engineer. So, the 5V rail is still unstable which ripples back through the system causing the lock.

    Your USB PCI card on the other hand is being powered from a different rail and so doesn't have the same issues.

    That's my guess, but the board itself has it's own voltage regulation and the problem could be there.

    What happens if you do a soft restart from the start menu?
  10. A soft restart causes lockup, i had it running for a couple of hours this morning and restart caused lockup then too. Lock up is only with usb's plugged in though.
  11. See what Gigabyte says. Maybe they just shipped some bad USB controllers.
  12. Ok, i'll see what they say, thanks for the help.
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