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In search of a better internet connection in a rural area here is what I want to implement. We live about 1000' off of a state highway. Cable runs down poles along the highway. From the poles to the edge of our property will be about a 400' straight run. Since the 1000' is too far for a coax run I hope to have cable ran the 400' to our property edge. Then from there then attach a cable modem an router with a directional antenna. At our house use a wireless bridge and directional antenna to connect to the before mentioned router. After the bridge I would like to connect via wire to another router in order to distribute the connection to various components in our house (i.e. desktop, laptop and XBOX. Since I have two routers already a Dlink and a Kyocera I would like to use these. I'll probably wind up with Linksys or DLink bridge. Will this hodge podge of manufactureres components be compatible? Will this work assuming I can get a connection with 400' run and persuade our cable company to do this?

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  1. Good luck!
  2. Quote:
    Good luck!

    Sarcasm? Or is your opinion that it should work?
  3. Mostly sarcasm. You're expecting a lot from consumer grade equipment.
  4. Just as an update ... it seems to work quite well as long as the weather is clear. We are connecting to a linksys router 700' away with a wireless bridge and an external antenna. From the bridge we are wired to a Kyocera router than we can connect to wired and wireless. Its a miracle and pretty easy to set-up.
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