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question i have an AMD Phenom X4 9100e will i be able to play new games with it i know it's not the best but its not slow, also what video card will be good, a video card that wont be bottlenecked by the cpu :o
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  1. A slow first gen Phenom is not a good gaming CPU. Won't overclock very far, and don't have a good IPC. You'll be able to play with it, but it won't let your stuff run as fast as it should.

    As for which video card, can't say. What budget do you have, and what resolution do you use?
  2. 1680-1050

    about $150
  3. HD 4870 512MB...But even the 1GB wont hurt...
    The 4870 should some what compensate for the low power of that CPU...
  4. +1^ 4870 1gb
  5. i want to see if i can still use the power supplt that came with the computer, are there any cards that will work with a 300watt power supply and also what about a 9800gt :fou:
  6. 300w, i didt know they still made ps units that small, get a 4670 dude
  7. dose't it :fou: need a 450watt power supply, also if i get a power supply and a 9800gt will my cpu be to slow become a bottleneck
  8. dude uve got a quad core, stop throwing around the word bottleneck, the only way that cpu will bottleneck is if you plan to play the latest games in 2560x1600 at highest settings. if u get a new psu like 550w, ull be able to power pretty much any single chip, probably not the gtx 285and the 9800gt isnt the most powerfull of graphics processors so im thinking aa and af wont really be on the agenda.
  9. Its a quad core, but its one of the slowest first gen AMD Phenom Quad cores. Trust me, it can bottle neck. (no, it won't bottle neck a 9800GT, nor a 4850.) The 4670 doesn't need a PCIe plug, its the best you can get for small PSUs.
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